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“Without people….I cannot go forward, I cannot stand alone.” Pazi (Gambia) has found his pace living in Rome now after almost three years since his rescue and reception on Lampedusa. In this conversation, he speaks with perspective about what he needs to live the life he wants. He pursues it in spite of racial discrimination and false perceptions perpetuated by media, and with the goal of not going it alone. Recorded in May 2019.


Sami (24, Eritrea) pleads to be heard from the Khoms, Libya migrant detention center today, 15 August 2019, after finding the dead from a July shipwreck. Bodies are washing ashore and his life is in danger. "Don't forget about me, or us," he said.


In the small town of Isernia, Italy Moses and I close the gap on two years, the time we last saw each other on Lampedusa island just three days after his rescue at sea. We speak about work, racism, his crowded living conditions and his hopes for the future. Recorded in April 2019.


A fleeting encounter on Lampedusa led to a two-year wait that led, finally, to our reunion in the Sicilian seaside city, Agrigento. Ebrima talks housing + food quality, integration, "walls" + more. Recorded in Agrigento, Sicily.


Just over a year after our first meeting, Fabulous talks about patience, gratitude and his future in Italy. Recorded in Naples, Italy.


We meet a year-and-a-half after his Mediterranean rescue and reception on Lampedusa island.

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