Peter, Part I

Mere days before he is removed from his housing due to a negative verdict on his asylum hearing, we speak to "Peter" (Sierra Leone) about his impending homelessness and more. This is Part I of a two-part conversation.

I met "Peter" (name changed) in his home city, Isernia, a place in the Molise region east and south of Rome in May 2019. He sat alone in the piazza taking a break from a day that was otherwise uneventful. That moment, part of a regular circuit of places to visit across his day was his way of creating structure and purpose where there was none. We met again in September 2019, when this episode was recorded, just days before he would be asked to leave his state housing on account of the negative verdict of his asylum hearing. He now resides in a notorious ghetto in Foggia, his homelessness, a direct result of his denied asylum case. Part II of our conversation will be recorded there and released soon.

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